covid19 postponed my wedding, what next? 

Don't Panic

Even though there are big concerns facing the world, it’s important to take care of your mental health and acknowledge these feelings and share them with your partner, a close friend and other couples in our community facing this unfortunate situation.

Contact Vendors

Email your vendors, that way you have a written trace of all the details so you can remember everything easier.

Download our contact list PDF.

Baker, Caterer, Venues, Dressmaker/Seamstress, Car Shuttle, Liquor/Bar, Music, Videographer, Officiant, Wedding Planners, Florist, Stationer.

Inform Guest List

-Go LIVE on Facebook

-Send out a virtual wedding postponement card

-Ask family to help spread the word

-Start a Wedding Website or Facebook Page


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Download Our Free Vendor Contact list

First Choice Dates

We're offering couples, who's weddings have been postponed by COVID-19, FIRST pick at a new wedding date. Even if you were not booked with Blink Photography Windsor prior to COVID19, if your photographer is unable to reschedule, simply fill out our contact form below and let us know the date your wedding would have been before COVID-19 and the new date your thinking about in 2020 or 2021.

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