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Free Prom and Graduation Photography!

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

We know you worked tirelessly to achieve that diploma.😴 We know you spent hours/months/years dreaming about your Prom day.🌈 And than Covid19 came around and cancelled it all for you?!!💓WE’RE HERE FOR YOU.💓 Don't store that beautiful prom dress away in the closet without any eyes ever seeing it. Don't be so quick to retire the graduation cap before walking across the stage.

We’re currently accepting as many graduates as we can, to receive a FREE mini photography session, towards your prom or graduation. To be able to show off that beautiful prom dress👗or that diploma you worked so hard to get!🎓

Simply fill out our contact form and gives us details on your prom date or graduation date before it was cancelled by COVID19. First come first serve basis. No one will be turned away👈🏻NO-PURCHASE-NECESSARY! ! !

Our way of saying THANK YOU for keeping us in business since 2013 and giving backk to our amazing clients✊🏼🙌🏼

We will guide you through the process, from setting up your appointment to getting your pictures. Are you a musician? Athlete? Actor? Letter jackets, sports gear, instruments and other props are a fantastic way to show off your talents and skills for your prom or graduation photos.

Show up in a prom dress or show up in a graduation cap! If you don't have a graduation cap, one can be provided for YOU.


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