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Welcome to Rainy Day Blog! By Rain

Hey there and welcome to Rainy Day Blog. I'm Rain and I'm so excited that you're here.

How did I get into Photography?

Every occasion whether it was big or small, was always documented in my home. My dad used to walk around with a big, old VHS camcorder from the 1990's; Those old video cameras that were massive in size and weight.

My parents would document every little thing my siblings and I did growing up. Safe to say our entire childhood is documented with some great photos and videos. Now when I say everything, I mean everything. Birthdays, First day of school, First words, even a normal day at home.

Now for myself, I picked up on cameras fairly quickly. I always had a love for them from the very beginning. My first camera was an old point and shoot digital from Walmart. Not the highest quality but definitely the most memories. Then I upgraded to a Fuji Film that had the option to shoot and learn Manual. Once I caught on to that I quickly upgraded.

What do I shoot with?

Once I turned 16 I bought my first real camera I guess you could say- A Canon t3. Believe it or not, this was a leading camera back in its day. Especially for someone who was first starting out. I built a pretty extravagant portfolio before I even finished high school. All consisting of engagement photos, birthday parties, sports games, prom events, newborn photos and so much more. My equipment started to slowly increase and upgraded as the years went on. I dabbled in a few different brands like Sony, Nikon and Fuji, but always went back to the good ol' Canon. Went from a T3, T4, T5, T5i, 70D all the way up to my favourite mirrorless camera, the Canon R.

Of course after high school I dived right into photography in College. I graduated as a Professional Photographer specializing in Marketing and Wedding Photography with experts in all kinds of photoshop and editing. I furthered my education and business in Orlando Florida, where I shot some unreal Disney Weddings and Princess fairytales before moving to Fukushima Japan. Now I'm based out of Windsor Ontario all over again!


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