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Free Prom Photography

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Move out of the way Quarantine!

Covid19, Corona, Corona Virus, or as Cardi B would say "Cooroona ViiiiiiiiRUS." Whatever you wan't to call it, it SUCKS! Unfortunately, in Windsor Ontario right now, high schools prom have been postponed or even cancelled until the unforeseeable future.

So that expensive, beautiful gown you bought, is sparkling in your closet waiting to be worn. Waiting to show the world how you can snap your fingers and turn into Beyonce. Waiting to make heads turn as you walk by. Just waiting to be WORN FOR PROM. Are we seriously going to let CORONA VIRUS take that away from us? Oh no were not.

So with that being said... start looking up those make up tutorials, start trialing your own hair, grab some nail polish from Shoppers and paint it on because Quarantine, MOVE!

Blink Photography Windsor is offering FREE... yes I said free... $0.00... no purchase necessary... Prom photography. Did you think we were going to let you get this far without strutting your stuff? I mean you only finished twelve whole years of schools, studied countless and countless of hours to get where you're at. Plus, how much did you spend on that dress only for it to sit in your closet?

Fill out the contact form here, tell us when your prom was supposed to be, a little bit more information about yourself and let us figure out the rest.

Its just our way of saying THANK YOU to our community for keeping us in business since 2013.

Tell your friends, tell your high schools and tell your families because this will only last for a limited time!


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