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Extended Free Photography Dates

Summer Time is HERE!

We had such an amazing response to our free graduation/prom photography giveaway that we decided to extend is just a little longer!

We were so touched by so many of the stories and heartbreak the students and parents had to go through, dealing with their proms and graduations being cancelled. Which is why we decided to extend our FREE mini sessions and help out more students in showing off their beautiful prom dresses. I mean, its something that you look forward to your whole life. I bet you didn't expect a world wide pandemic to cancel it for you.

Fill out our covid19 contact form and let us know when YOUR prom or graduation was supposed to be, a little bit more information about yourself, your high school and we'll contact you with a special date! It's really THAT EASY.

In the meantime, enjoy this lovely gallery of a St Anne's High School Student named Shelby, who unfortunately got her Prom cancelled because of COVID19. How STUNNING is this bright fuchsia dress by the way?


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